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Virtual Identity Summit in Park City, UT

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When our inner imagination and outer experiences merge in new ways, how does it transform the reality we share— and create new ones we’ve yet to consider?

At v-ID Summit, the world’s preeminent technologists, social scientists, hardware manufacturers, artists, investors and enthusiasts will gather for a two-day journey into the future of how virtual and mixed realities will shape our human experience. Join us.

From how we tell stories to how we solve problems to how we connect, virtual and mixed realities are evolving human identity and expression in ways that have never been possible before. Over two days, the conversations at V-ID Summit will explore the issues, opportunities and impact found at the borders of this transformation.

Nov. 6

  • 6 Killer Pre-Summit Workshops

  • Summit Opening Party

Nov. 7

  • Continental breakfast and lunch for all attendees

  • Keynotes from Jeremy Bailenson - Stanford, Peter Rubin - WIRED, David Eagleman - PBS, Lisa Joy - Westworld

  • An amazing line up of sessions and panels for artists, technologists, investors and VR enthusiasts