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2017 Annual LDV Vision Summit - NYC

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At the 2017 Annual LDV Vision Summit on May 24-25 in NYC, experts discuss how computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence are disrupting business & society.

500 attendees come to see 80 speakers from companies like Google, Facebook, Union Square Ventures, and First Round Capital talk about opportunities in visual technology across 40 sessions and 2 competitions

VR and AR are the themes of several keynotes including:

  • Clement Farabet VP of Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure at NVIDIA on how NVIDIA is pushing the envelope on VR, AR, medical imaging, autonomous driving, gaming and more.
  • Mia Tramz of LIFE VR at Time Inc. who will discuss the voice and strategy she deploys across the media company's 30+ titles in VR, AR and 360 video.
  • Brian Ballard of CEO & Co-Founder of Upskill telling the real business success stories of the augmented reality software his company delivers to Boeing & GE.