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2017 VR & AR Summit Online

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We invite you to join this online live webcast 3 day event by either presenting or attending.  If interested in presenting, contact us. 

Confirmed Presenters already include:

Engaging Content Creation That Drives User Engagement, George Egbuonu, Founder of VR eCards,

VR/AR For Enterprise: Building a Practical Roadmap for Success, Amy Peck, Founder, endeavorVR

Hardware-Free AR Indoor Positioning and Navigation, Clemens Kirner, Founder & CEO, INS Insider Navigation Systems

Virtual Reality Therapy for Pain and Anxiety during Procedures, Brandon Birckhead is a physician who founded Immergence Technologies, LLC


Agenda - Augmented & Virtual Reality: Possibilities & Potential

25th of April: Engaging Content Creation & Production

Learn how to leverage today's digital platforms to create cutting-edge interactive and immersive experiences, which push the boundaries of content creation, curation and production across all industries.

26th of April: Augmented & Virtual Reality in Business

With augmented and virtual technologies reaching maturity in the next decade, you may soon be using them on a daily basis. Our Summit will cover the future of interaction, augmentation and technology in business - from digitally transformed tables, to virtual task management, eye-ware and beyond!

27th of April: Augmented & Virtual Reality: The User Experience

As the new dawn of virtual, augmented & mixed reality breaks, key questions regarding the user need asking; how do we ensure optimum engagement? Do we need to differentiate between our reality and these new tech realities? What affect will the innovations have on society? These and many more answered at this Summit.