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Virtuality comes to Paris this February

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Virtuality Paris presents the best of VR for all sectors and all its forms: VR headsets of course, but also game consoles, sound systems, 360 cameras, and haptic technology.

During the 3 days on Feb 24-26th, 2017, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS will be transformed into an innovation hub. The exhibition will be dedicated to professionals on the first day, and will open to the general public over the weekend. Virtuality Paris is the opportunity for both professionals and the public to either exhibit or participate in the conferences and talks about various sectors.

Over the 3 days’ exhibition, the public will be able to attend many talks on various topics (over 80!). Speakers will discuss several themes, including:

  • The creation and production of VR contents and 360° videos
  • the economy and business models of these new formats
  • Virtual reality for the music sector
  • Virtual reality for real estate
  • Virtual reality for adult movies
  • Virtual reality to develop empathy
  • Virtual reality associated to a series, lm or TV program
  • And many more subjects!