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Most Epic Week in VR History at Tesla

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Welcome to the most amazing and comprehensive VR conference ever. We begin each day by giving you hands-on Unity® workshops that get deep into the tech and tools unity professionals use. Then, we've invited the biggest names in the industry to give mind blowing tech talks each evening. Plus we're offering a cutting edge VR arcade for you to enjoy all week.


Mon, Jan 9, 2017, 10:00 AM –Fri, Jan 13, 2017, 6:00 PM EST

Monday VR Day : Learn all about the technology that's taking over our culture. Get introduced to the tools for making immersive experiences.
10a-6p Hands on Unity® Workshops
6p-8p Tech Talks & Presentations

Tuesday AR Day: Catch up with industry standard solutions for real word visualizations of digital objects. 
10a-6p Hands on Unity® Workshops
6p-8p Tech Talks & Presentations

Wednesday MR / 360 Media Day: Record your world in revolutionary new ways. 
10a-6p Hands on Unity® and Hardware Workshops
6p-8p Tech Talks & Presentations

Thursday Deep Dive Day: This geekfest will get into the bleeding edge of multi-threaded hardware accelerated performance optimization from the future. 
10a-6p Hands on Unity® and Hardware Workshops for Intermediate/Advanced Users
6p-8p Tech Talks & Presentations

Friday Relax, Connect and Party: Take some time and decompress, connect with friends you've made and work on your project comfortably with gentle guidance.
10a-12p Authentic Individual Green Tea Ceremonies and Yoga Practice
12p-6p 1-on-1 and Community Based Mentorship
6p-8p Closing Ceremony and VR Party 


Tesla Labs - Nikola Tesla's original laboratory in NJ


We have secured a block of luxury two-room suites at the HOME2 SUITES BY HILTON for the amazing price of $109/night the entire duration of our event. Just mention "Most Epic Week"