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Cascadia VR

Brought to you by TechfestNW, Oregon Games Organization, Consulate General of Canada - Seattle, and VR/AR Association- Vancouver, BC. Cascadia VR Meetup brings together some of the most exciting VR companies from Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, BC. Held in one of Portland's famous craft breweries, the Green Dragon on Friday December 9th from 1pm-6pm, we invite you to network, showcase, and connect.

From 1pm-4pm, this is an industry only event.

If you are an industry professional who wants to attend select the "Industry Attendee" ticket.

If you wish to showcase select the "showcase" ticket. Please note this does not guarantee showcase space, you will be notified if you will be unable to showcase for any reason. 

From 4pm-6pm, this is open to the public.

If you wish to come as an attendee at that time, select the "General Public 4pm-6pm" ticket.

Staying in overnight? We have just the hotel for you. Located 1/2 a mile from the Green Dragon, the Jupiter Hotel is a mid-century modern hotel in the heart of the city and designed for the urban explorer.

Book your room now: Go to: Click: the BIG red “Book Now” box in the upper right hand corner. Enter: “SAVED” into the promo code slot (use CAPS LOCK)

***Please note: The discount comes from our best available rate - you will see that the current best available rate is crossed off in red and the discounted rate is listed below in black***