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VRX 2016

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Capitalize on the meteoric rise of virtual reality. Lead from the front to create and monetize the best VR experiences through 2017 and beyond…

Only a year or so ago the question for most business leaders talking about virtual reality was simply "what is it and is it just a fad?".

But with massive investment coming from all the major tech juggernauts, media giants, game developers and large-scale enterprises, it’s now clear that it’s no fad - VR’s here to stay and it’s growing massively.

Huge progress is being made on both the display technology and content experiences and it’s set to revolutionize the way we work, play and socialize in what’s fast becoming an ever more digitized and connected world.

So the question for business leaders now is not what virtual reality is, but what are the possibilities it provides and how can it be integrated into their organization.

The VRX event series is purpose built to provide the answers to these questions. Bringing together the world’s leading VR content creators, commercial leaders and respected analysts & experts, the two days in December are set to be the best opportunity for those looking to position their business at the forefront of this new platform revolution.

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