Defense & Intelligence Committee

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The Defense & Intelligence Committee aims to connect stakeholders in Government, Military and Industry with experts in immersive technology. The purpose is to set standards for expectations and implementation of the technology as the Government moves forward with investment and wide-scale adoption. This committee will provide insights and research to compliment and support efforts for growing the utilization of immersive technologies within the National and International Government sectors.


  1. Sophia Moshasha & Tyler Gates, Brightline Interactive

  2. Jordan Higgins and Arielle Thornton, U Group

  3. Vacant - if interested, email

Participants include: 

  1. Brightline Interactive

  2. Booz Allen Hamilton

  3. Concurrent Technologies Corporation CTC

  4. Finger Food Studios

  5. National Defense Industry Association

  6. U Group

  7. Others

  8. You?