5G Committee

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The goal of the VRARA 5G Industry Committee is to pursue VR/AR focused use cases and requirements for 5G networks so as to ensure that the resulting
specifications address the needs of this key industry sector.

VR and AR technology holds the promise to fundamentally transform how people interact with and experience the physical world, how they are entertained, and how services are delivered to them. We are at the cusp of this transformation, and, yet, it cannot happen unless the networks that will have to support these applications can deliver the required performance, e.g. latency on the order of several milliseconds. Edge computing is necessary to deliver such performance; while mobile networks, which today already provide pervasive global connectivity, are likely to continue occupying this central role.


  1. Alex Reznik, HP Enterprise & ETSI MEC Chairman

  2. Jonathan Moss, Sprint

  3. Vacant - if interested, email info@thevrara.com

Participants include: 

  1. ETSI

  2. Metavrse

  3. Orange

  4. Sprint

  5. Verizon

  6. TBA

  7. You?