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VRTL Academy’s VR courses for Creating Stories, Production, to Distribution (Online & Self-Paced)

VRARA Members get 30% discount, email for your code!

The courses are online, you can do them whenever you want. They are completely self-paced.

VRTL Academy’s Introductory Package covers everything from Vital Knowledge, Creating Stories, Planning a VR Production, Capturing during a Production, Post-Production, to Distribution.

We are offering a 30% discount to VRARA members on the entire Introductory series. The package might be useful to help members onboard professionals coming from traditional media, or better explain the craft and promise of virtual reality to potential clients.

Save a lot of time learning about (or teaching) VR! Instead of piecing together videos and tutorials you can follow our comprehensive VR storytelling package. It is a complete six-course introduction to VR composed by award-winning creators with a richer, deeper learning experience. (Thanks to video, audiobook and text). Conveniently online, so courses fit your time and schedule, and you can go at your pace.


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