Call for Sponsors: 3D Modeling Standards and Guidelines for Virtual and Augmented Reality

If interested in sponsoring, email info@thevrara.com

Over the past few months, the VR/AR Association’s 3D Working Group within the Retail Committee has been working on these 3D Modeling Standards and Guidelines for VR/AR/Web. We are now ready to publish and help the industry accelerate VR/AR adoption. We are seeking Sponsors to help us with this effort.


Many retailers, especially those with a strong e-commerce presence, are now using 3D to help customers better visualize their products. Today, the majority of that 3D content is being used behind the scenes to create traditional imagery. As VR and AR become mainstream, brands and retailers are increasing looking to be able to repurpose their 3D assets for these experiences. There are some challenges in optimizing 3D models for AR/VR/Web and these guidelines aim to make it easier for everyone to create models that look consistent on any platform.

A note about openness vs trade secrets: Companies that were early to the 3D space rightfully would like to protect their investments and competitive advantage, but also understand that the best value for those assets comes when consumers expect them as part of their shopping experience. To strike a balance, these Modeling Standards and Guidelines only focus on real-time 3D assets and the contributors will keep their render-ready asset production processes as trade secrets.

Main Authors:

  1. Mike Festa, 3XR

  2. Sumit Goyal, Overstock 

  3. Thomas Huang, Target 

  4. Manil Bastola, Aisle411

  5. Alban Denoyel, Sketchfab 

  6. Josh Belay, InContext Solutions

  7. Jeff Hunt, Snap36

  8. Saurabh Bhatia, Microsoft

  9. Ross McKegney, Adobe

  10. Kevin, Farnham, Mirra

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