VRARA Member Mativision Featured during Facebook Oculus Keynote for VRinOR

By George Kapellos, Head of Marketing & Partnerships, Mativision

During the Keynote at the Oculus OC3, the 3rd Developers Conference in San Jose earlier today, Max Cohen, VP Mobile, showcased a selected few from the 400+ VR Apps which are available for the Oculus. 

When he reached the part about VR being educational, he said, “…people won’t be learning from textbooks, they’ll be learning experientially…” and brought to the big screen Mativision’s VRinOR App, to demonstrate his point, saying that  “… it was used to Live Stream an operation from inside the operating room…” 

For all of us at Mativision, this moment was the culmination of a long journey that started well before the world had even heard the word 'VR'. Because, Mativision was not created overnight. 

We can all remember many years ago, the efforts to put the first 360-degree video camera through its paces. To understand the basics of filming a full 'bubble' around you, the mistakes, the problems we had to solve, the development of everything from the ground up. 

It was no different when we decided that it was time to use our technology for a higher cause something that marketeers in the space have labelled 'VR for good'. 

Back in April 2016, when we live-streamed in VR a cancer removal operation, something that had never been attempted before, we were mostly interested in the reviews and comments of medical students who watched the VR stream with headsets and to our satisfaction found out that they were all overwhelmed by the enthusiasm with which they described the uniqueness of the experience, not because it was “cool”, but because it had a much higher educational impact on them. 

That is when we decided to develop VRinOR, the world’s first VR platform, dedicated to the distribution of medical training content. The platform was launched in July and since then it is being populated with real operations filmed in VR. 

We aim to establish VRinOR as the go-to-hub for VR medical training content for all medical students and doctors worldwide.

And this is just the beginning to a very exciting journey....


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