VR & AR for Business (Enterprise) White Paper

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This 40+ pages paper was co-written by 9 industry experts and our Enterprise Committee, exploring the positive and lasting impact that VR and AR technologies can have when businesses deploy them to generate substantial revenue, increase productivity or improve safety. 

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Virtual & Augmented Reality are immersive technologies that provide new and powerful ways for people to generate, use and interact with digital information. These technologies take traditional media beyond conventional screens and use photographic images, video or computer generated graphics (sometimes provided as an 360-degree view within your field of vision) as a new communication and interaction medium that can be used across your company from marketing and sales to field services, training and data visualization.

Companies like Walmart, Farmers Insurance and Boeing have already begun deploying this technology across their organizations for training. Specific examples of how other brands are using VR/AR right now are detailed in this paper. Whether you are a brand marketer, director of operations, run a line of business or head of HR, there are many ways you can deploy this technology to generate substantial revenue, increase productivity or improve safety.

This white paper is broken into the following parts so you can skip to what is of interest to you:

  • Market Predictions for VR/AR

  • Key VR Industry Market Size Estimates

  • Market Size Estimates: Drilling Down on Enterprise

  • How to use Virtual Reality in your business?

  • 20 uses of VR/AR for Business

  • Deeper Dive on Examples

  • Preparing Your Business for the Immersive Future

  • 8 steps to build your VR/AR experience

  • Use Cases

    • Retail

    • Real Estate

    • Airlines

    • Automotive

    • Banking & Financial

    • Health & Medical

    • Virtual Reality Architectural Renderings

    • Industrial (Mining, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing)

    • VR Simulations & Data Analysis

    • Restaurant & Food

    • Travel & Tourism

    • Communications & HR

  • Different Types of VR

  • Uses for VR/360° Video

  • Computer Generated (CG) Virtual Reality

  • WebVR

  • VR Head Mounted Displays

  • AR Head Mounted Displays

  • Challenges Facing VR/AR Adoption

  • Conclusion