Recap of VRARA LA Event - Taco Tuesday the Tech Remix: VR AR Edition

By Natalie Cole, VRARA LA Chapter

Taco Tuesday the Tech Remix: VR and AR Edition kicks off a great year in VR and AR for LA Chapter

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality enthusiasts, investors and experts gathered to mix and mingle with each other during Taco Tuesday this week. The energy was electric and the feedback was phenomenal.

Residents of Los Angeles may not be able to turn down some great tacos but the power of VR and AR was apparent as guests from all fields came to share their love for the technology.

“This is the future” was a common theme as to why this event was the choice for attendees.

The event provided a chance to network with pioneers in the industry, with those who want to use AR and VR in their respected fields and business, but it also warmly welcomed those who admire the technology from afar.

The mix of people and the anticipation was high and it was hard not to get caught up in the moment. Besides the endless possible connections that sparked from all angles, there were demos from two companies; Vantage.TV and Candy Lab, Inc.

Vantage TV, had a three chair set up and once seated, guests had the difficult choice of picking between ASAP Rocky or Major Lazer at one of the most iconic running musical festivals: Coachella!

From the comfort of Los Angeles, were front row seats to a chart breaking musical performance without the manic of a Coachella throng thanks to Vantage TV. With the help of headphones and Virtual Reality goggles, one could say we got to experience only the most amazing parts of Coachella! The technology never ceases to amaze!

Candy Lab, who was so gracious to sponsor the event also demoed their location-based augmented reality engine. True to form, they stayed with the theme: collect tacos and margaritas in AR. After the Augmented Reality scavenger hunt was over, guests had the option to help themselves to delicious Tacos and Margaritas… in reality!

Besides the two great demos that gave curious guests a cool introduction to the enigma that is VR and AR there were presentations to give guests an intro to the association.

The president of the Los Angeles Chapter Josephine Munis took to the stage and introduced her hard-working eclectic team, including Vice President: Doug Lorenzen, Head of Design: Livia Jenvey, Board Advisor: Andrew Couch and Marketing Manager: Natalie Cole.

Guest speaker Neal Gray, introduced his company GML, highlighting the fact that he was on the hunt for innovative VR startups as he represents entertainment companies looking to implement VR technology experiences.

VR AR Association members Talespin, Paper Triangles and Candy Lab also introduced their startups to the crowd and after each speaker, the spacious room interrupted with applause.

Guests were thrilled by the content, eager to be a part of the community and best of all, wanted to be involved in the success of the VR AR Association in Los Angeles.

For a re-launch in the city of angels, we had an incredible event with an unexpectedly high turnout and it was a wonderful introduction to the VR and AR community here in Los Angeles.

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