Public Safety & Emergency Response Committee 

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This committee is creating best practices, guidelines, and call to actions (e.g., recommendations for standards) for VR AR in Public Safety & Emergency Response.


  1. Kirk Mckinzie, Cosumnes Fire Department
  2. Paul Doherty, AIA

Participants include: 

  1. Kirk Mckinzie, Cosumnes Fire Department
  2. Chief Bobby Halton (ret.), PennWell Corp
  3. Randy Brown ARA, VP, Virtual Heroes Division Manager
  4. Yohan Baillot, CandyLab
  5. Ruggiero Lovreglio PhD, The University of Auckland
  6. Nathan Greiner, Design Mill
  7. Dr James Mullins, Deakin University, Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI)
  8. Paul Doherty, President & CEO, TDG (The Digit Group)
  9. Martijn Bosch, CEO, Darix
  10. Battalion Chief Thomas Calvert, Menlo Park Fire Protection District, UAS Program Manager 
  11. Jonathan Victor CISSP, DHCS, California
  12. Sam Cossman, Qwake

Working Group