Memberships allow for companies, start-ups and individuals to get direct networking access to other members, research, white-papers and discounted admission to industry events when available.  The VRARA strives to feature and promote the creations, services, research and milestones of Members.

Member Benefits

  • VRARA staff around the world in major cities to help you with business development, marketing, and events. 
  • Unlimited attendee passes for all VRARA chapter events 
  • Discounts of up to 75% off to 3rd party events such as VRAR World, AWE, VRDC, VR2020, ITC, VR Summit, VRX, CVR, Immersive Tech and many more! 
  • Unlimited access to research reports and publications generated by the VRARA
  • Discounts on paid 3rd party research when available
  • Participate in the VRARA Blog, Webcast, and Podcast
  • Participate in joint research and white papers with other members
  • Full access to the The VRARA member directory
  • VRARA and partner speaking opportunities
  • Opportunities to sponsor bi-monthly events and special events, and feature your company on the Association email newsletter

Ideal Members

Ideal Members range from large corporations to early stage start-ups and academic institutions

  • Media and entertainment companies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Retailers
  • Brands
  • Professional sports teams
  • Software developers
  • Hardware developers
  • Healthcare operators
  • Aerospace and Defense Corporations
  • Real-Estate Architects and Developers
  • Content creators and video producers
  • Academic and entrepreneurship institutions
  • Analysts and research firms