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San Francisco: 3D Painting, MR ARt Show and Tilt Brush Art Contest


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality allows people to be creative in ways beyond what reality can provide.  We all have many ideas and visions that are hard to implement for creative content.  Yet, sometimes the amount of time, money, coding and tech (yikes), can appear overwhelming.  This Meetup will give everyone hands on experience and expertise on how VR/AR can allow people to embrace creative skills they never thought they had.  While showcasing VR/AR as a creative platform for content creators.  

At this Meetup we will have a Tilt Brush art contest, a workshop on Mixed Reality and how to draw and make content in VR/AR, and a Tilt Brush Art content

6pm to 6:30:  Mingling and Social

The first half an hour will be dedicated to mingling and for people to socialize over snacks and beverages.

6:30pm - 7pm:  Workshop on 3D Painting (aka Tilt Brush)

Micah Zayner.

 Currently a Creative Director at biotech start-up The ODIN and Artist in Residence at Upload VR.  He is literally a professional artist that focuses on using Tilt Brush for creating serious VR content.  Micah Zayner will give a workshop style presentation utilizing Mixed Reality via a green screen set up, and provide detailed and hands on presentation about how to use Tilt Brush to its maximum potential.