Autodesk to exhibit at the VR/AR Global Summit

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Turn Autodesk's powerful, cloud-based software into the building blocks for your next tool or product.'

Connected Data; Cross-Platform Integration; Robust Infrastructure.

The cloud-based developer platform that powers the future of making things.

Data shouldn’t be locked in a silo. With Forge, everyone gets access to the data they need.

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ThirdEye to Showcase their new AR Smartglasses at the VR/AR Global Summit (Hardware)

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ThirdEye's X1 Smart Glasses™  represents the latest in powerful AR smart glasses technology .

ThirdEye X1 Smart Glasses and Enterprise Software are used by Fortune 500 companies as a total solution straight-out-of-the-box.   ThirdEye also develops custom software solutions and integrate them directly into the X1 Smart Glasses-  so no need to learn how to configure a 3rd party software app- the full solution comes to you as a fully integrated product.

ThirdEye's powerful ThirdEye software platforms are used across 20+ Enterprise verticals.  They allow you to increase efficiency, maximize savings and use Augmented Reality to enhance your operations.  

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Snap36 to Exhibit at the VR/AR Global Summit (Retail)

Snap36 is revolutionizing the online shopping experience with simple, scalable and cost effective, professional 360° and 3D product photography.

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Online shopping is not a utilitarian function, but a process of discovery. Snap36 creates engaging experiences that fill in the details and answer unspoken questions.

Snap36 creates images with context as consumers shop with their eyes. Words can describe how a product might be used, but 360 degree & 3D product photography shows it in action, providing essential visual information to make a purchasing decision.

Snap36 is the premier provider of scalable and cost effective 360° & 3D product imagery. Founded by industry experts who identified an underserved market and were inspired to offer a more visually interactive online experience, Snap36 delivers turnkey photography services and provides the equipment, technology and expertise to implement 360° & 3D photography.

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Survey results: 82% of Enterprises predicting that AR Smartglasses will be used by their businesses in the next 3 years

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Toshiba’s future IT landscape survey:

"One notable area of enterprise innovation is that of wearables which, while long-mooted, have yet to impact the professional world in earnest to date. A ripening of market conditions make this set to change in the coming months and years.

According to ABI Research, global wearable device shipments to the enterprise will reach 154 million by 2021 – a significant jump from approximately 34 million in 2016. Verticals leading the way in this area include healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, according to the research company, and Industry 4.0 is certainly a major influence in this sphere as such companies seek to derive greater intelligence from the Internet of Things (IoT) and related data revolution.

This trend is notable in the anticipated adoption of smart glasses into the enterprise. 80 per cent of organisations are aware of such solutions, but only two per cent have already deployed one. This is set to accelerate rapidly over the next few years, with 89 per cent of engineering, 83 per cent of logistics, and 77 per cent of manufacturing businesses set to implement smart glasses within the next three years."

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Plessey Semiconductors to Exhibit at the VR/AR Global Summit (Hardware)

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Plessey shines in the spotlight with its globally unique monolithic MicroLED technology

Plessey’s high-brightness displays will be able to comfortably power the next generation of smart-glasses and wearable display applications with its light weight and energy efficient microLEDs without restricting the overall experience for AR, MR and HUDs applications.

Renowned for being an innovative technology design and manufacturing company, Plessey is a world leader in producing GaN-on-Silicon LEDs selling to a range of blue chip global customers.

As a technology company we are passionate about providing intelligent electronic solutions using solid state lighting and sensing to enhance people’s quality of life.

Plessey LED products make use of our innovative GaN-on-Silicon technology to provide lighting solutions across the industrial, architectural, retail, outdoor and residential sectors.


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Toshiba to Exhibit at the VR/AR Global Summit - dynaEdge AR Smartglasses (Hardware)

Toshiba dynaEdge™ AR Smart Glasses

A New Vision for the Workplace

The dynaEdge™ AR Smart Glasses are a wearable, hands-free "Assisted Reality" solution designed to help large enterprises improve efficiency, quality and operating flexibility. Backed by decades of mobile computing design expertise, the dynaEdge™ AR 100 Smart Glasses provide enterprises a complete solution, incorporating both hardware and software in one turnkey package.

Combining Windows 10 Pro functionality, Intel® Core™ processing power, up to 512GB internal storage and enterprise-level security, Toshiba’s augmented reality solution is in a class of its own, capable of tackling any hands-free task.

These are Toshiba’s first enterprise-grade, mobile wearable AR solution running Windows 10 Pro, which seamlessly integrate into an organization’s existing infrastructure and IT security standards.

The compact, waist-mounted mobile mini PC design and a lightweight, industrial-grade Head Mounted Display (HMD) creates a balanced augmented reality solution geared for comfortable, extended usage models.

Optimized for field work, the Toshiba AR solution offers a variety of methods to input and navigate, including a touchpad and programmable buttons on the HMD and directional buttons on the waist-mounted mobile mini PC. Advanced software options enable voice and gesture capabilities.

Toshiba’s goal is to sell something that lets workers view documents and PDFs, record and send photos, and even launch remote video chats directly from the headset, all without having to use their hands.


Based in Tokyo. Toshiba Corporation is a world leader and innovator in pioneering high technology, a diversified manufacturer and marketer of advanced electronic and electrical products covering consumer, enterprise, industrial and the infrastructure markets. Toshiba Corporation is one of the largest electronics and technology companies in the world.


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BGC Engineering to exhibit at the VR/AR Global Summit (Applied Earth Sciences)

BGC Engineering Inc. (BGC) is an international consulting firm that provides professional services in applied earth sciences.

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Clarity through holographic visualization

BGC Ada Platform

Applied earth scientists study and solve issues in a 3D world. Yet our industry has been constrained to communicate concepts using 2D images and drawings. This makes it difficult to communicate the scale and scope of challenging projects, as well as the complex geological conditions that must be addressed to achieve project success.

As a solution, BGC has developed the Ada Platform™ (Ada): a functional software platform that enables everyone to understand applied earth science as 3D holographic models.

Through realistic 3D interactive and immersive experiences Ada removes barriers to understanding multidimensional datasets and opens a portal to visualizing and investigating data and information in unprecedented ways.

Ada combines terrain and survey data, engineering designs, and real-time computer graphics to visualize applied earth science data in 3D. With this solution, experts and non-technical stakeholders can visit a digital version of their project site at any time – past, present or future. For example, an engineered mining landscape can be visualized through to closure, allowing various groups to collaborate through a shared 3D perspective.

BGC has assembled a unique team to develop Ada, with combined expertise in both earth sciences and augmented-reality holographic visualization. We have used this expertise to develop a software platform usable today on the Microsoft HoloLens. Ada is breakthrough technology that enhances communication and understanding amongst owners, decision makers and stakeholders like never before.

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